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Ready To Book?

Physiotherapy and massage treatments can be booked on line and all of our other treatments, services & appointments can be easily booked with a quick phone call. If you're ready to book just click below or give us a call on 01625590444

If you're not sure what treatment is best for you our team will happily direct you to the right treatment for your needs or help you arrange an online consultation with one of our therapists to help you further.

We aim to see you within 24 hours so why wait when you could be getting back to what you enjoy?

Our Clinics

We have 3 clinics in Alderley Edge and Wilmslow giving you flexible and convenient appointment times and locations to suit your needs. For those with mobility issues or following surgery, we can also come to you at home and we work in many of the local nursing home facilities. We also offer virtual appointments if you are unable to visit us.

Main Clinic

4 Trafford Road,
Alderley Edge,


PhysioFit @ FITISM
Kings Road,

Alderley Edge

Alderley Edge Medical Practice
Talbot Rd,
Alderley Edge,

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