Physiofit have the expertise to be able to determine if you are at risk of a stress fracture and the knowledge to effectively treat themwhich reduces time out of sports. Early diagnosis through close relationships with experienced Sports Medicine doctors can prevent bone bruising from progressing to a fracture. With effective education around progressive load management and age appropriate and sports specific strength programmesmost stress fractures are largely preventable.

We will use our bone stress questionnaire to analyse your risk factors around bone health and nutritional status. For more information please visit
As physios to Cheshire cricket we can offer individual screening sessions and an analysis of your bowling action to reduce the risk of missing a season with injury.

Part of Physiofit’s role in injury prevention is the education of both the coaching staff, players and parents. Physiofit offer schools and clubs strength and conditioning advice, coach education, parent/player presentations to highlight the importance of gradual increases in volume of cricket played andinjury prevention.



Injury prevention screening


Treatment session for injured athletes

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We have 3 clinics in Alderley Edge and Wilmslow giving you flexible and convenient appointment times and locations to suit your needs. For those with mobility issues or following surgery, we can also come to you at home and we work in many of the local nursing home facilities. We also offer virtual appointments if you are unable to visit us.

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