Angela has been involved in treating people in sports at all levels both in the UK and Canada for the last 28 years. She has worked with the England Volleyball team, Cheshire Hockey and is the Consultant Physio to all the Cheshire Cricket teams. Her major is in prevention of injuries, in particular in children as they grow.

She launched the Posturefit screening programme 20 years ago to identify how to prevent injuries and enhance performance. Angela has used her unique screening programme with athletes from a broad spectrum of sports and helped many young athletes realise their sporting dreams in representing their country in their chosen sport including her own two children. Her particular areas of expertise are in hockey, golf, running, cricket and Nordic walking.

In the last few years she has become a dedicated running physio training with The Running School and with Blaise DuBois from the Running Clinic in Canada. She has also has extensive training in golf strength and conditioning and screening is TPI trained. She presents on a number of topics to schools, clubs and elite teams in how to be a success in sport, golf fitness, later life fitness and on injury prevention and performance in running.