Jean has extensive musculoskeletal and sports injury experience gathered through both post-graduate training and clinical practice. She spent over 10 years at a leading local private hospital running the physiotherapy department and set up specialised sports injury and back clinics, working closely with many specialist consultants in the area.

She then went on to join the Physiofit team over 15 years ago offering specialist treatment of headache and migraine as well as acupuncture for additional pain management and promotion of healing. Jean is skilled in the highly specialised treatment of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (including performing the Epley manoeuvre) and vestibular rehabilitation.

Jean also works as a musculoskeletal and vestibular clinical specialist physiotherapist for the NHS.

Jean herself plays First Division tennis for Bramhall Lane, is a British Ski Club gold standard skier, and has ridden horses to an advanced level, giving her a thorough understanding of the requirements of various sports.