Injury Prevention

Don’t let injury and pain disrupt your life – be proactive now
Preventing an injury and optimising performance is key to us all, whether on the sports field, at work or at home. Missing time off work or sport is costly and frustrating. At Physiofit we have a pro-active approach to maintaining and achieving the best from your body throughout your life. We can identify problems at an early stage before function is impaired or pain develops and highlight areas that might limit performance. We can then use the results of the screening to highlight your strengths and weaknesses and design an individual, bespoke exercise programme that helps you target the specific areas you need to stay active.


Injury prevention screening

£ 130

Follow up sessions

£ 55

"I can't recommend Physiofit enough! Their whole team have always been 100% committed to sorting out any injury and getting you back playing the sports you love!"