Shockwave Therapy

Highly effective shockwave treatments for painful tendons
Shockwave Therapy has been used for many years as a safe and effective alternative to invasive surgery for musculoskeletal injury. Shockwave Therapy provides effective pain relief in 80% of cases and restores normal tissue functioning up to 40% faster for a range of muscle, tendon and joint conditions. In many chronic conditions, the natural healing process stalls. Shockwave Therapy helps to re-start the body’s own healing mechanism and stimulate the healing process to repair tissues.
This is a particularly effective approach for:
What conditions can be treated with Shockwave Therapy?
Shockwave – The Physiofit Way

Many clinics offer shockwave therapy in isolation. At Physiofit, we have developed a comprehensive shockwave treatment package which includes a full assessment to establish a clinical diagnosis, 4 or 6 shockwaves treatments, strengthening exercises, advice, and education about load management for long term successful outcomes. Packages start from £360 for a package of 4 treatments. Many health insurance companies will pay for shockwave since it is NICE guidelines recommended.


£ 100
£ 360
4 sessions

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