Sports Injury Prevention And Treatment

From prevention to return to sport better than you were before
Physiofit’s aim is to help you reach your sporting potential, whatever your age or ability and give you the physical skills that enable you to achieve your sporting ambitions. Whether you want to learn how to reduce the risk of injury; have a current injury, or want to return to sport, we have the expertise to help you. The success of our sports physiotherapy service is based on offering expert skills in assessment and treatment enabling you to get a quick and accurate diagnosis getting you back on the field of play without delay. We will work with you to establish why the injury occurred and what you can do to prevent a recurrence. Our aim is to always return you to sport better prepared than you were before the injury.

Our Approach

We will listen carefully to find out about your injury history, training load, and your goals.
Using our tried and tested injury prevention screening programme we can:
A full movement screen includes testing power, strength, functional capacity testing, agility, landing mechanics, balance and coordination and where required a full running analysis.
With the results of the screening, we develop a customised exercise program based on your functional limitations and specific to your goals to give you the tools in the form of stretches, strength exercises, training advice, recommendations to prevent further injury and to realise your performance goals.


Injury prevention screening

£ 130

Initial assessment

£ 60

Treatment sessions

£ 60

"I can't recommend Physiofit enough! Their whole team have always been 100% committed to sorting out any injury and getting you back playing the sports you love!"

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